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We are working  with  different  communities  and  local churches  in building  them into  one network  as a way  of  raise the capacity    of working as one body  to bring  sustainable  development .

Among  the projects are :


1. Children  sponsorship  and feeding  them at different homes .


2. Established  schools   both secondary  and primary .


3. Agricultural  projects  to raise  the source of income for  our  local members  so that they can be empowered to send their  children at schools .


4. Relief and technical aide to the needy  through  the networking connections that we have  with  those established  local churches .


5. organization seminars, workshops and  conferences  for information sharing  and training  the local members .




We do serve  and work with a variety of schools, churches  and  other faith besed organization. 

currently  we are operating  in Busoga  region (3 district ) and wakiso district  near  kampala city . 

1. Irondo village in Namutumba district .

2. kitukiro village in Buyende disrict .

3. kayunga village in  jinja district .

4. kayebe village in gayaza -wakiso district .






Giving hand Network is a social evangelistic Network in Uganda.  Having the names adopted from the Bible, from acts 20:35 as our basis of faith in meeting people’s lives in kingdom of God.  We are situated in Bulamu Zone –Gayaza, wakisodistrict whileoperating also in Eastern Uganda with the aim of reaching the whole identified communities with the social services that canglorify Jesus Christ.

It is more blessing toGive than to receive, let us all have giving Hand to the needy out of your hard work,and let us network to bless others.

School project

We are Faith and Trust Nursery and primaryschool founded by Giving Hand Network basing at Kampala as our mission head office, Uganda. The project directors reports to local project committee which reports to Board of directors chaired by Executive Director of GIHANET.

”we have so far  220 children at our nursery  and primary  school , feeding them , and facilitating  the staff , we give God  his glory .

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Mwandha Michael on left with the headmaster of Harding Christian Academy .

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