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 This is one of  local church at Jinja  where the idea of the network for the community out reach started . let us join our hand  and we give  support to those  in  needy . it is a blessing to give than to receive ,












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Giving hand Network is a social evangelistic Network in Uganda.  Having the names adopted from the Bible, from acts 20:35 as our basis of faith in meeting people’s lives in kingdom of God.  We are situated in Bulamu Zone –Gayaza, wakisodistrict whileoperating also in Eastern Uganda with the aim of reaching the whole identified communities with the social services that canglorify Jesus Christ.

It is more blessing toGive than to receive, let us all have giving Hand to the needy out of your hard work,and let us network to bless others.

School project

We are Faith and Trust Nursery and primaryschool founded by Giving Hand Network basing at Kampala as our mission head office, Uganda. The project directors reports to local project committee which reports to Board of directors chaired by Executive Director of GIHANET.


We have a rich history , but  we shall  only  high light  few  historical  events,  that  through  hardship  and  pain  we managed  to  get  our  burning  burden  at  heart  of   helping  vulnerable  children  answered. It was  during  the  time  of big  drought  in the  area of Gayaza  in 2009  that  kawuma  Florence  and kagoya  Esther  came up  with the  idea  that  immerged  into a serious concern  to some  few  parents   and guardians  who motivated  us to  initiate   this   noble  project in  Gayaza –Bulamu  Zone  in Wakiso district .

We started  the school as Nursery  and infant  totaling  to a number  of  35 children , whereby  15 were boys  and 20 girls  under  a rented  wooden  structures . up to  now   this  year  2015 , we  managed to save   on our mega  resources  to buy  a new  site , whereby  we are still under construction of  two blocks  for  6 classrooms  and   toilets . We have a good number of 10 teaching staff and 1 non-teaching staff.

The ministry of education is consent with what is being done   and they recommended us to operate   as they are still in preparations of legal documents. However the founding body is a Christian organization under the names of GIVING HAND NETWORK.

GIHANET(GIVING HAND NETWORK)  has  been in cooperated with the  ministry of Justiceas a company limited  by grantee  to  serve local  communities  and churches  as charitable  organization  in  giving  a hand of  help  to needy  members   through various  ways  and networking  with  funding  world  to reach their  goals of  help  to  grass root  and voiceless  people in  the Ugandan  communities .

GIHANET –VISION: To network a sustainable and self-reliant society that cancause transformation for better standards of living.

GIHANET –MISSION :   To build a network  that will promote   development  in our local  communities  through  various  programs  in education, medical, agriculture and other  economic projects .


  1. Educating children with all the support, functionaries/activities.
  2. Training children to become self-sustainable through seminars, trips and others.
  3. Creation of nature and good relationships amongst the teachers and the administrators and providing all scholastic materials and scientific equipment’s to the school.
  4. Advise parents and pupils at all levels on matters relating to choice of careers and institutions, giving educational programs and technical education.
  5. To provide children with vocational practical skills.
  6. To share ideas and help to financially develop one another.

Situation status of the school project:

We are a growing private school currently serving one the poor local communities in Gayaza in Kampala, but growing. We have over 220 children both orphans and poor of the poorest. We are in gayaza trading center in wakiso district next to Kampala city. We have constructed primary school buildings but we are struggling to raise money for the roofing namely: iron sheets, nails, timber and cement in time. Economy of our country is falling but we are moving on.

School Organizational structure

-Founding board of GIHANET, chaired by the executive director.

-School Project Board of directors

-School project administrator/head teacher.


-Teaching staff

-Non teaching staff

-Students leaders and then Students

Project Achievement

Old site view:

We are  currently operating  in the rental structures  which  is  very  costly  depending on  the income  of the school . However we have been managing to provide a better education to the children from the community.


New site view:

Through our  mega resources  , we  have been  able  to  save   and buy  land, whereby on  that  land  we have  come  up with  a permanent structures  which  is  waiting  for  roofing .


Prayer request

We need at least $15,000 to complete the project. Any support is welcome. We have already spent over $7000 through internal rising, to buy land and start structural walls.

We will reach our goal on our own but may take longer.

Contact persons

Florence Kawuma       project director                                                  

  Esther Kagoya          Project administrator/head teacher 

Mwandha Michael      Executive Director

Please assist us. For more information, you can contact us at

We wish you God’s blessing as you pray for us.




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